<Infinite Dendrogram> Volume 1 – “Ordeal of Rookie”, Chapter 7

Again, I didn’t drop Kenja and plan on resuming it when I finish this first volume here, but this isn’t a sign that “people shouldn’t translate the novels” since I don’t own anything. I’ll just do things at my own pace.
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<Infinite Dendrogram> Volume 1 – “Ordeal of Rookie”, Chapter 5

New chapter is up! If you notice something weird/spelling mistakes, please point it out in the comments, I’d really appreciate it. (Edit: Changed the wording a bit in one of the phrases since people were having problems understanding what happened).
Chapter 6 should have around the same size, while the 7th is somewhat bigger. By the way, I’ll return to Mira’s adventures after I finish this 1st volume of Dendrogram.
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<Infinite Dendrogram> Volume 1 – “Ordeal of Rookie”, Chapter 1

A small batch of chapters! And we finally begin the first volume (“Ordeal of Rookie” is the title for it, written exactly like that, but could be better spelled as “Rookie’s Ordeal” for example).
Also, I have made a small change to the wording of Nemesis’ first ability on Chapter 6 (a better take on a line I didn’t pay attention).
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